"Homeless" doesn't mean "Unskilled"

Members encounter many barriers when it comes to finding sustainable employment. Gaps in employment and a lack of critical workforce trainings are two major elements that limit an individual’s ability to find a job. With our workforce development program our members are provided the skills and training required to step back into the workforce. Our large network of employment partners is where our members put these new skill sets to work.

Employment Partners

Back on My Feet works with a variety of established organizations committed to providing our members' employment opportunities. Employment partners include:

Benefits of Hiring Our Members:

Hiring Back on My Feet members brings multiple benefits to help you meet your corporate goals, including: 

  • Dedicated, skilled and committed employees who have access to Back on My Feet’s Alumni Program which provides continued training and education opportunities
  • Federal Tax Benefits through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Be a part of the next steps

If you are a business owner seeking hardworking and committed employees please contact partnerships@backonmyfeet.org