Matt Budesa

Matt Budesa

Chapter Director

As a native San Franciscan, Matt was drawn to Back on My Feet as a way to give back to the San Francisco community. With a passion for running and helping others, he could not think of a better fit.

After earning a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality from City College of San Francisco, Matt started his career in the restaurant industry. He spent 15 years working every position, from bussing tables to opening a restaurant from the ground up to managing multiple locations. Most recently, he worked for eight years in sales in the wine industry. That experience taught him that it’s not only about the sale, but about building trust and relationships as well.

“I am honored to work for an organization that brings the community together in such a meaningful and creative way. Back on My Feet impacts the members in such a positive way and I am looking forward to growing the organization to help change more lives.”

On the weekends you will find Matt running the trails of Marin and spending time with his wife and their two young daughters.

Cricket Miller

Cricket Miller

Program Director

Cricket became interested in Back on My Feet as she was completing her Master’s degree in behavioral health from the University of San Francisco, focusing on program development for the underserved population. Prior to making her move to the west coast almost two years ago, she resided in Kansas City, MO where she worked as a Recreation Therapist at a nonprofit behavioral health hospital and was a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Through my experiences with the homeless population, I have learned that being homeless is much more than not having a home. It is a lack of sense of stability and community as well. Back on My Feet provides members and volunteers with an opportunity to bridge the gap, while engaging in a healthy activity. I look forward to being a part of building that community here in San Francisco.” 

Outside of running Cricket enjoys dancing, hiking, sewing and spending time with her deaf miniature Australian Shepard, Luna.

Erin Owenby

Erin Owenby

Development and Marketing Manager

Erin likes to joke that she was destined to be a part of the Back on My Feet family. With multiple connections working with, volunteering for, or sitting on the board of various BoMF Chapters, it was only a matter of time before she joined this amazing team. With a passion for running and building fitness-driven communities, Erin could not be more thrilled to be a part of the impact Back on My Feet is having in San Francisco.

When she isn't running around the city, she enjoys hitting the trails, exploring the beautiful state of California and cheering on her Carolina Tar Heels. 

Eli Wallace

Eli Wallace

Volunteer Coordinator

Back on My Feet caught Eli’s attention with its unique approach to engaging with people who are experiencing homelessness. Eli is all about sharing experiences, resources, and conversations. From collecting acorns on a Greek island to mucking sheep stalls in London, she has been volunteering and organizing fellow volunteers in various capacities for over a decade.

Outside of BoMF she can be found exploring the city by bicycle, illustrating greeting cards, or climbing anything that will hold her.